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The 45th Annual Iditarod Trail Mail
2017 Educational Project   

Deadline - Feb 10th

Download Letter Here


General Concepts & Instructions

This is to give the teacher some indication of just what should be included &/or required in an Educational Project to travel via Iditarod Sled Dog & Musher (cachets) over the Iditarod Trail during the race which starts the first Saturday in March every year.

  1. The document(s) should not exceed 8.5" wide and needs to be folded to fit the packet of mail, no larger than fitting a standard legal size envelope (4.5" x 9.5"). Anything larger will suffer damage on the trail. your (students) project will be vacuum sealed along with the 50 pieces of Official Trail Mail that the musher carries for the race's promotional purposes.

  2. The project can involve a student reading program; so many pages read by the student per mile of the trail, charting their reading success on a map of the race trail or a book per checkpoint; "Race Against Death" etc., many Iditarod books available. With younger classes a collage of student made pictures put together by the class has traveled the trail and older classes have put together collection of the best student written poetry. You can let your mind fly on this one, no matter how you make the students get involved. A contest for the best projects meeting an educational requirements has been used. With prior acceptance, we can take more than one entry, but we have a limited amount of time to get this all together prior to race time. We finish packaging the mail two days before the race start. 

  3. The project must reach this address:

    Iditarod Trail Mail
    Iditarod Trail Educational Mail Project
    675 Sparrow Court 
    FAIRBANKS, ALASKA, 99709-6658

  4. The project should include a space prescribed for two witnessing signatures of the Official "End of the Trail Checker"
        Two students of the Nome Public School system
        Vacant place for a U.S. Postal stamp to be applied
        Cancellation in Nome at the U.S. Post Office on the day and date of that mail/project arriving in Nome by the Musher off the trail. Remember that the trail is Congressionally authorized as the Iditarod National Historic Trail; one of only 30 authorized trails in the United States.

  5. The project should include a space for:
    • Musher information: Number of dogs, start & finish.
    • Time to complete the Iditarod Sled Dog Race: ___dys, ___hrs, ___min and ___sec
    • Mushers signature
    • Musher commentary to the student(s). Please remember that if all information is on one side of the project, so you can frame it and make it openly presentable/collectable.

  6. We will attempt to get the information to you as to which team is carrying your mail, but that is sometimes hard to do. However, a call to Leo B. Rasmussen at (907) 443-2798 or fax two days after the race start can arise the current information so the student(s) can follow their mail's progress. Further, it must be understood that a musher may have to depart the race for various reasons; broken arms, sick dogs, equipment failure, etc. therefore you can not know for sure that your mail will cross the entire trail. All mail regardless of mushers completion of the race does eventually come to Nome and then will be cancelled the day after the race completes/officially finishes showing that it has too, officially participated in the race.

  7. Any further questions? Cellphone (907) 304-2573 or (907) 443-2798 or leaknome@alaskan.com

    Additional Notes:

    The date your project should be or absolutely must be in the US Mails is February 10th, past years we had some mailed as last as the 15th US Priority Mail and they showed up after the race started. We prefer one 8.5"x 11" page one sided, the 2nd side can be used but definitely makes it hard to show when and if framed for display. You can limit the certifying signatures to two (Official Race Timer and Race Official) if you need more space. Most Mushers rarely use more than one line to give some form of greeting to the Students. By any means you can design your own form for the Project, but 8.5"x11" makes it the right size to travel with the Mushers. 

    Deadline to Mail 10th Feb for those sending inside the USA and Feb 5th for those coming from outside the USA, will be packed with 20 pieces of trail mail.

    The Form on which to send the Trail Educational Mail Project is to be - Require only 1 sheet of paper using both sides for the ITEMProject, Reverse to be used for Return Mailing information. (Strike the rest of  this - Change Stamp to Official Postal Stamp. Any reference to be ITEMP, ITEMP, ITEMP)



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